As so many international businesses are coming to realize, Canadian hosting services provide superior data management solutions. Canadian server farms inherently possess a number of advantages that those in other countries do not.

Here are some of the biggest advantages of Canadian hosting.

Power Stability
One of the nice things about cloud hosting services in Canada is that these servers are backed up by an extremely stable power grid. The general lack of tectonic fault lines and high availability of resources in the country ensure that power distribution is highly reliable.

The Benefits of Climate
Although it can be quite cold, hosting data in Canada helps you avoid the main weather-related problems that plagues servers, namely heat. When it gets hot, hubs and switch modules do not just have to work harder to stay cool -- they run a higher risk of failure. Intensive networked applications whose physical network architectures suffer from power dissipation issues may even develop latency issues and performance inconsistencies. Hosting your servers north of the border ensures you can rely on high-quality back-ends to deliver your critical data content.

Canadian server host enthusiasts also find that their operating costs are lower. Although many server companies do not advertise this fact, their clients pay for their energy expenses. Canadian servers enjoy a regular supply of cool air that ensures they do not draw as much power for basic operation.

Finally, a recent survey of admin and IT staff from the USA and abroad reports that they really love Canadian server techs. The friendly culture and excellence in workplace standards make it a lot easier to interact with support staff and get networks setup and properly optimized without raising your stress level in the process.

Adding a Cloud Server


Video Tutorial: How to add a Cloud Server.