Why choose cloud hosting for your business?

Everywhere you look, someone is blogging or writing about cloud computing and on demand hosting as the next big thing in technology, but the benefits sometimes get lost in the hype. Here is a list of the benefits of running applications and storing data on cloud servers.

On demand computing enables you start and stop services with little or no notice. It is easy to add or drop users quickly so that your IT efforts and expenditures flex in relation to your business changes.  Users can also access the software from almost anywhere in the world, including airports, hotels or home offices with no additional investment in equipment.

Most on demand services and cloud computing hosts offer extremely high availability, often exceeding 99.99 percent uptime. Despite some highly publicized outages and denial of service attacks on big name providers, cloud service availability exceeds the service levels that most in-house IT groups can provide.

Hosting companies house their cloud servers in extremely secure facilities which often include perimeter fences, live guards, CCTV and biometric or electronic card key access, so there is little or no chance of physical breaches. They also employ industrial strength firewalls equipped with intrusion detection alerts. Data is stored in secure databases protected by passwords and account access safeguards. Most on demand applications have more safeguards, both physical and electronic, than most IT departments provide.

It is easy to sign up for cloud services, especially since many applications offer free trials that do not even require a PO or credit card to get started. There are never any worries about hardware sizing or long lead times, and you do not have to worry about maintaining an array of technical skills in-house or providing user support.  All you need is Internet access and a browser and you are good to go.

Predictable Costs
In-house IT costs can be unpredictable and do not scale directly with the business. With on demand services, you can budget to match planned growth, and it is easy to add or remove users as required, making mergers, acquisitions and spinoffs easier to analyze and justify.

Ultimate Control
Most cloud hosting services include an intuitive control panel that allows you to take full control over the servers in  your cloud.  The easy-to-use control panel can be accessed through a regular browser from anywhere in the world.  With the development and introduction of the iPhone and iPad app, you can now manage your servers at any time.  

Take control and take care of most of the important tasks normally handled through the regular control panel with the iPhone/iPad app:

  • Create and build virtual machines
  • Edit, reboot and power on/off virtual machines
  • Schedule backups for virtual machine disks
  • Monitor virtual machine CPU and bandwidth usage
  • Monitor overall cloud resource usage
  • View transaction logs

These are just a few of the benefits of on demand hosting.  It is very important to find the right on demand cloud hosting provider based on the geographical location of the servers, uptime, security and features. 

Adding a Cloud Server


Video Tutorial: How to add a Cloud Server.